From warm to swarm: why insect activity increases in summer

The article was originally published in The Conversation. Please find the citation below. The article was republished under creative commons license. Flower flies are native pollinators. CSIRO Shattuck, Author provided Bryan Lessard, CSIRO and David Yeates, CSIRO While the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting an increase in the average temperature this summer, entomologists are forecasting … Read more

The Coral swarm and Phytoplankton swarm share a symbiotic relationship

Coral reefs around the world are great tourist attractions. Nature provides some of its greatest lessons in some of its unlikeliest places. The coral reefs are filled with immense bio-diversity with millions of distinct species of tiny organisms all living in harmony and teaching us the virtues of being altruistic, helping each other in difficult … Read more

How swarming ants read and write symbolic information for collective intelligence

The swarming ants just switch tasks and no one tells them when and how to. There is no planning. Their collective adaptive behavior has huge potential for energy efficient engineering applications, which involve peer-to-peer interactions. An individual ant may not be intelligent but a colony or a swarm of ants is. A typical ant colony … Read more